Shri Sudha

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               The Inspiring Message from Sri Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji, Pitadhipati, Uttaradi Mutt forms part of the features in Sri Sudha Magazine.

“Sri Sudha” Tamil Magazine highlights the religious culture in our families. It attracts modern minds because it shows the way to abridge the practice of our religious duties and preserve our culture in our houses even in today’s condition.

The Magazine is a mirror, showing our present day showy life-stlye. It suggests easy and practicable methods for improvement. In that way, it enlightens on the sense of value. “Sri Sudha” has educative value with plenty of Vedic quotations from Dharma Shastras, Bhavagavata, Puranas and Veda.

The Magazine is informative, narrating the inspiring incidents from the lives of our saints, sages, and also other information such as the importance of Punya Kshetras and even religious remedies for problems in life.


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